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    Trees & Storms

    PRESS CONTACTS: We have a list of professional certified arborist trained to speak on the talking points below for your article or TV program when a storm hits Georgia. To have a spokesperson for your region of Georgia contact Neil @ 404-913-1422 or neil@georgiaarborist.org. 

    HOMEOWNERS: It is tempting to clean up yard debris and branches after a bad storm. You should only collect the smallest limbs and leave bigger branches to a professionals. Bigger branches on the ground can be under tension without noticing it and popup into your body or face causing server injury. Be patient and stay safe. Find a certified arborist on our membership directory.

    When a storm brings down trees and branches, the Georgia Arborist Association reminds you to stay safe. Beware of drive-by tree services and hire only certified arborists to clear the heavy debris. Below we have listed important talking points for different storm/tree situations. These points have been compiled for the public.

    Trees & Storms Talking Points

    1. Storm and Wind 
    2. Drought
    3. Chainsaw Safety Talking Points
    4. Chainsaw Safety Training Resources
    5. Flooding 
    6. Hurricane 
    7. Lightning 
    8. Ice Storm 

    Helpful Publications

    1. Tree Ownership and Responsibility
    2. Hiring a Tree Care Service
    3. Chainsaw Safety: Always Use Your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    4. Is My Tree Dying?

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