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    Tree Basics:

    What Tree Should I Plant by a Utility Pole/Line?

    Utility Compatible Species:

    Please be sure to select specific varieties with the published mature height below 15ft.

    10-15’ - Acca sellowiana

    “8’ perhaps to 15’” - Callistemon rigidus Scarlet Torch™

    12-15’ - Camellia oleifera

    6 ½’ - Clethra pringlei

    6-10’ - Loropetalum chinense

    8-12’ (15’) - Styrax grandiflorus

    The vegetation restrictions that GPC has in place for rights-of-way are that no species can be inside of a GPC right-of-way that exceeds a published mature height of 15ft. The source that we use to determine the mature height is Dr. Michael Dirr. Species height can vary by variety -- If planting inside GPC right-ofway please call Georgia Power before planting. Georgia Power Company understands the desire of property owners to maintain plantings on the portions of their properties located within Georgia Power Company easements. However, the provision of reliable electric service must remain paramount. The permission for plantings set forth in these suggestions may be modified or revoked, in whole or in part, at any time and from time to time by Georgia Power Company, in its sole discretion. Current and future rules, regulations and orders of the Federal and State authorities may also be applicable to and restrict or prohibit plantings. In connections with any such restriction, prohibition, modification or revocation, whether by Georgia Power Company or pursuant to such rules, regulations or orders, Georgia Power Company reserves the right to require trimming or removal, at Georgia Power Company’s sole discretion, of plantings previously permitted, whether under this suggestion or otherwise. No rights to maintain any planting will result from reliance on this guide/suggestions.

    For a list of non-compatible species, click here

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