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    2019 GAA January Meeting

    Adam Betuel, Birds and Trees

    2018 Awards, Gwinnett Tech, 12/13/18

    Jerry BondBond_LoadAnalysis.pdf

    Jerry BondBond_ProfitProfessionalism.pdf

    Eric KuehlerThe role that trees and urban forest systems play in stormwater runoff m....pdf

    Kim Coder's Presentation 9/11/18, Trees of the Bible/Quran

    Selected trees of Bible Quran list 2018.pdf

    2018 Summer Symposium, Flinchum's Phoenix, 8/23/2018

    Dr. Kim Coder, Tree Anchorage & Root Strength

    Tim Thoms, Different Goals Same Tree

    David Dechant, Nature Based Solutions for Resilient Cities

    Art Morris, Trees and Construction

    Dr. Larry Morris, Healthy Soils, Healthy Trees

    David Dechant's Presentation 5/8/18 The Urban Forest as Green Infrastructure

    The Urban Forest as Green Infrastructure_GAA_short.pdf

    Mark Duntemann Presentation 3/16/17 Tree Risk Management for Georgia Communities

    TRMW Session 1 - Concepts of Risk Management.pdf

    TRMW Session 2 - Reasonable and Practical.pdf

    TRMW Session 3 - Risk Analysis.pdf

    TRMW Session 4 - Defining Risk Reduction Goals.pdf

    TRMW Session 5 - Refining Operations to Identify and Mitigate High-Risk Trees.pdf

    TRMW Session 6 - Long-Term Policies.pdf

    TRMW Session 7 - Program Refinement.pdf

    Lizzie King, Odum School of Ecology and Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources, UGA, Bonus Presentation

    Urban Forest Restoration: The Good, The Bad, & The Adorable (Goats & Sheep

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