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    Each year, the GAA awards and thanks people who have given extra time and energy to help our organization and the professionals and communities we serve. The following are our award categories.

    Kim Coder Education Award
    Awarded in recognition of lifetime achievement for a career of educational efforts. The person who receives it best demonstrates Dr. Coder's commitment to educate arborists and the public about trees and professional tree care.
    2017 winner: Joe Burgess
    2016 winner: Ed Macie
    2015: Marcia Bansley, Trees Atlanta
    2014: Nancy Beckemeyer
    2013: Patrick Mawhinney, Prestige Shrub and Tree
    2012: Peter Jenkins, TreeInspection.com
    2011: Dale Higdon, Retired Georgia Forestry Commission/Consultant
    2010: Spence Rosenfeld, Arborguard Tree Experts
    2009: Gary Peiffer, DeKalb County Extension
    2008 (no award given)
    2007: Hugh Tyer, Arborist/Consultant
    2006: Kim Coder, PhD, Warnell School of Forest Resources, UGA

    GAA President Award
    Awarded to the current President of the GAA for his/her efforts on behalf of the organization.
    2017 recipient: Chris Barneycastle
    2016 recipient: Rusty Lee

    Tree Climbing Championship Award
    Awarded to the person responsible for planning and managing this high-visibility GAA event.
    2017 winner: Mark Collins
    2016 winner: Eric Gansauer

    GAA Arborist of the Year
    Awarded to the member who has most supported the organization by being involved in many aspects of our work and activities during the year.
    2017 winner: Josh Correll
    2016 winner: David Dechant

    Company of the Year
    Presented to the company which stands out in its support of and help with GAA activities, during the year.
    2017 winner: Davey Tree Experts
    2016 winner:  Downey Tree Services, Inc.

    Community Service Award
    Awarded to a company or person who has  best demonstrated their interest in community service, including in GAA service events, during the year.
    2017 winner: Dan Bauer
    2016 winner:  Dan Bauer

    Friend of GAA Award
    Awarded to the person, company or organization that has gone out of their way to support arboriculture and/or the GAA and its educational goals.
    2017 winners: Mary Lynn Beckely, Georgia Urban Forest Council; Gretchen Musser, ARBORology, LLC; Drew Preston Georgia Forestry Commission
    2016 winners:  Bob Delbridge
    Georgia Forestry Commission

    New category for 2016:
    Commercial Arboriculture Safety Award

    Presented to the company or individual in a company that initiates the most innovative safety practice or safety program.
    2017 winner: Arborguard Tree Specialists
    2016 winner: Boutte Tree, Inc.

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