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    These pages are intended as a resource for tree care professionals and the public. In many cases, the information has been compiled or written by one of GAA's members. The GAA has chosen the information carefully; however, the GAA  does not warranty its accuracy nor any work performed using information presented herein.

    Article: "Native Tree Species of Georgia" by Dr. Kim Coder, University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources [February 2010]

    The Tree's Environment
    Article: "Water and Trees: Understandings for Tree Health" by Dr. Kim Coder May 2012]

    Soil and Roots

    Article: Soil Compaction Stress & Trees: Symptoms, Measures, Treatments by Dr. Kim Coder  [December 2007]

    Article: "Diagnosing Soil Compaction Using a Penetrometer (soil compaction tester)" by Sjoerd W. Duiker, Pennsylvania State University College of Agricultural Sciences [added July 14, 2014]


    Branches and Crown


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